Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SO here's the thing.....

I cannot abide a pity party.

Unless it's mine.

I don't have one very often and I don't stay too long, but sometimes I have one.

Lately, I have had a BAD case of the crankies.

I have hurled myself on the bed and had a good cry. I have put my hands on my hips, made a mad face and stomped my foot. I've made fists and said "Humph! and "Grrrrrr!". 

You see, I am not ready to be an "empty-nester". (insert whiny voice)

Three of my babies have left the nest and the fourth is counting the days until it's her turn.

It's just not fair.
My cruel, cruel children.

Come back and I won't care if you mess up the kitchen making cookies.
I won't care if I am in the bathroom and you come in to ask me a question and all your little friends follow you.
I won't care if I give you my very last dollar so you can buy more (fill in the blank).
I won't care that I have to call the neighbor to tell them their child has seen me in my underwear....again....because you forget to knock on the door.
 I won't care if you dirty every surface/dish/piece of clothing you own.
 I won't make you find what stinks in your room and get rid of it.
I won't make you only pick three books for me to read to you.
I will cook whatever you want for dinner....even if it means I make four different choices....one for each of you.
I won't make you have a bedtime/curfew.
I won't make you practice spelling words.
I won't kiss you in public.

Just. come. back.

I want to be very clear though.

 IF you don't come back, I will be forced to find new children.
Then you'll be sorry.

I'll give you until the count of ten.....
ONE......., TWOoooo.......


Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Awww JoAnne,
Do you need a Rent-A-Kid? I'll share with you.. I'm down to 1 1/2 kids at home. One technicaly lives/has a storage room here and one full timer. All the rest are gone. I've resorted to taking community classes to help take up some time. Whatever happened with BYU? I was all excited about that...
I'm glad I'm not the only one whos been caught in their undies :0)...

Julie said...

I LOVE what you wrote, and find myself relating more and more as the first leaves the nest this fall. You are awesome, and I am sure that your kids are more than prepared to leave the nest because of your love, caring and counting :)!!!!

Hope all is well. I was so touched that you sent me an invite to your daughter's wedding. I had pneumonia, but I knew right what church you were at and would have loved to come. I hope it was a happy time. Are they in Utah to live?

Have a blessed day. Thanks for putting smile on my face today. Julie

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Awww - you'll be OK. You might even find you enjoy clean counters, less laundry, more money in your wallet and sweet smelling bedrooms. And then when they come to visit, it is twice as sweet!! if you are lucky they will bring a wee one back with them sometime too!!

IN the meantime, here's abig hug for you Mom!! ((((Jo-anne)

Makenzie said...

Oh mommy!! I miss you and I wish we weren't so far away :'( I've had my days laying in bed crying too. I miss you all...even Ragan! ;) haha give everyone a big hug for me. even the doggies and kitties. love you all

Accidental Photographer said...

Ok Jo-Anne this was entertaining... but I think you must have bumped your pretty little head! I am on the other side of the fence... {don't get me wrong I will miss them when they go} but Jana and I really enjoy the new found freedom of jumping on our motorcycle and taking off whenever we want to, or her coming with me on my overnight work trips. {both of our kids are still technically living at home, but are never home) Maybe I will miss them more once they are gone for good.
Anyway, I hope you find something to do to occupy your time and keep you busy in their absence.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Honey, you will get used to it. It is the next phase. You will adjust. It will even become enjoyable. You will find joy in their visits and eventually, they will bring you grandchildren and then you will beso happy. Life is good. Remember that? I see it every day, right next to our breakfast bar. You will love it. I promise.

Kris said...

Oh I get that. I am down to 4 now. It's hard.

Burklund Blogger said...

Want to hang on to mine for a couple hours?