Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The boy is home....

 My boy is home.
He has been home for about three weeks now. I couldn't be happier.

There was a moment while we were waiting that I didn't think I was going to make it.
I had waited for his homecoming for so long.....then we found out his plane would be an hour late. That was pretty hard on the 'ol anxiety level!

Very HAPPY parents!

In the Tucson airport there is a TV screen that shows the passengers as they are walking toward an escalator that bring them downstairs to where people are waiting for him. When the girls and I saw him we all screamed like crazy people!!
I think I might have elbowed an elderly lady....I'm not sure.
I feel terrible about it now and wish I could apologize....
but, in my defense,  there was no way anything or anyone was going to stop me from getting to the bottom of the escalator!
What I do know for sure is that we certainly caused a scene.....
We had signs, balloons, and a Ugandan flag.

But, ask me if I care about that, though. 
Not even a little bit!! :)

There was a piece of reflective tape at the bottom of the escalator that the people who were waiting were not allowed to cross.
Probably so crazies like me don't go running up the escalator to their people.

It seemed like FOR.EV.ER until I saw the boy.

And there he was.
And just like he always does, he went for the laugh.

Mark came down the escalator with his hand on one hip, his other elbow resting on his suitcase, and one foot crossed over the other.
And on his face was the biggest smile I'd ever seen!

He walked over to me and said in a little voice, "Hi, Mom."
I was in near hysterics. I cried. I think it's safe to say that I had a little freak out.

It was like all of the emotion that I had held in for the past two years just came flooding out.
I held him and just kept saying, "My baby, my baby."
I couldn't stop touching his face and his hair.
My oldest son, Cameron, told me I held him for one whole minute.
I just couldn't let go.

There is a video documenting said freak out.
However, I will not be showing it, due to my extreme humiliation.

Here's the whole gang just a proud as can be!

Well, we hardly let Mark's feet touch the ground before we started dragging him all over creation.We all went to Utah for a wedding when he had been home about a week. We just got back on the 9th!  
I will be blogging about Makenzie and Kyle's wedding very soon!


Kimberly said...

Congratulations, Momma!

Accidental Photographer said...

Congratulations... I can't imagine what this will be like... I have 2 years until my son will go (I hope) You all look so Good & Happy! Glad to be friends with such a great family!

Kat Clark said...

What a cute post. I got all teary eyed reading this story. What a special moment between a mother and her son. xoxo

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

WOOHOO! So glad he is home!! Your reunion was so exciting to watch. Now I can't wait for the wedding pics!! HUGS!

Kindra-At Home With K said...

What a wonderful homecoming. I'm so glad that you son got to share his gifts with so many people but it's good that he's finally home. Thanks for sharing.

clasheen said...

What wonderful pictures Jo-Anne! X Nicola

Nicole said...

Congrats on having your son home. He's a cutie, keep the girls away from him!!! You've had a crazy few months. My nephew just left on a mission to Taiwan on Wednesday and Saturday his sister is getting married, and don't know how you moms do it.

Kris said...

Sounds perfect! Looking forward to the wedding post too!

Jalene said...

i really really really want to see that video. :)

Martincrew said...

Oohhh Joann....How I wish I were where you at now! Our son leaves in about 3 weeks and it is killing me! Congrats!!

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

HI Jo-Anne. Wow. He's home! I read your post and sat on the edge of my bed crying. (was so glad no one walked into my room lol) We've had the blessing of sending 3 missionaries out, and your post so tenderly brought back lots of feelings. Wow! It's an amazing thing to behold, a child returning home after a mission! No more a child! :-)

Blogging about a weddding! Looking forward to it.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

I am so happy Mark is home!!! Gosh I couldn't tell you were excited. LOL. So what is next in life since he is now home?


Andrea said...

i was smiling ear to ear just reading your post. i could totally feel your excitement. so happy for you to have him safely home and so happy for him and the experience that was his. a mission is so personal and such a life long blessing! reading this just brought it all back :)