Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!

Just as it has been all over the world lately, Arizona has experienced unusual weather.
It hasn't been this cold in Tucson in something like 56 years.
There have been several days of freezing temps.
The verbiage the weather people use here is "we are experiencing a hard freeze".

Tucson has basically shut down because of the cold. There are whole subdivisions that are without water and gas. The gas company has literally "run out" of gas. Water mains have cracked and broken leaving hundreds and thousands of people without water. Schools are closed.

I've just been a little peeved that it seems like those in charge are unprepared to deal with it. It's like people don't know what to do with any other weather besides hot or hotter.

I was in Walmart today and I heard someone talking on the phone.
 "No sir, I am sorry....we are all out of space heaters. We also don't have anymore electric blankets or mattress warmers. There aren't any in our warehouse, either."
I also noticed that all of the gloves, scarves and coats were just about all gone.

I had a rush of gratitude for the fact that we had water and heat. (Ours is electric heat)
I was also so grateful for the council we are given by our religious leaders to "Prepare every needful thing."

We just never know what tomorrow is going to bring for us.

 But, I am warning all you native Arizonans....If you think this is cold, I wouldn't even stick so much as your big toe anywhere in the vicinity of Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, or ANYWHERE back east. Just sayin'.... ;)


Jennifer said...

My mother in law lives in Tucson doesn't have water!!! Yikes... and your right....its dang cold here in Nebraska :) Id give anything to get back to Tucson soon LOL
Hope it "warms" up for you guys..

Branden and Melissa said...


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I wouldn't wish this weather on anyone, anywhere. We have 8' drifts in our backyard. There is ice under the snow. I feel so bad for the homeless people but actually, I feel worse for the animals in the woods. Their food is covered. Their nesting areas are all covered in snow and ice. It is really a bad time for them. Our pampered pooches don't realize how good they have it!
Glad you have heat and water, Hon.... Snuggle up with Craig and enjoy.

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Wow! I'm so grateful for my wood stove! I would want one no matter where I lived I think, even if it just sat unused most of the time. Insurance for times like you're having now! Way cold here for sure. The water in my west bathroom (old drains in that part of the Stone House)bathtub was frozen this morning, got it going, and the drain is freezing! The deer are so hungry they have become VERY brave and you see them out and about during the day time, looking for some ones uncovered hay stack.
Sorry you are having nasty cold there. Hope everyone can be warm.

Burklund Blogger said...

People in the desert are WEENIES when it comes to the cold. Baby and I were outside playing on the swings when it was 31 degrees... you just bundle up. Why- in places where they actually have winter (like utah... you know what I'm talking about), when it gets into the 40s, when it doesn't HURT to be outside, people start wearing shorts and t-shirts again! We have a family member in Vermont and they keep their house regularly in the high 50s during the winter! (that's a little crazy...). Thank goodness for home prepardness (and warm hunnies to snuggle with :) )

Ann said...

JoAnne, They always say there is someone worse off than you are! We have 1 1/2 feet of snow, but I'm nice and toasty in my house and I'm clean! (as are my clothes and those of my family and our dishes) Glad you were prepared. ~Ann

Kindra-At Home With K said...

Nebraska is really cold today and tomorrow. I think the high was -5 degrees. But the windshield made it feel like -20. Let me know if you need some electric blanket or space heaters...I saw our Wal-Mart has some. :)