Thursday, October 28, 2010

let me explain.

I have had a few people ask me the reason behind my last post. I thought maybe I should explain, lest there be any confusion.
(Mind you, this explanation will be void of any specific details, as to not further the drama. )

My daughter, Ragan has been the recipient of attention from said mean girls.

It has been difficult, to say the least, for me to not go up to these mean girls
and give them a piece of my mind.

Not that that would do any good.

Even I've had more than a few "looks" (let's just call it stink-eye)from these girls....

Looks that I would like to smack right off their mean little faces, 
but again,
probably wouldn't do a bit of good.

The moms of these girls are in on it too.
They give Ragan stink-eye.
Classy, right?

I suppose you're wondering what Ragan did to inflict this upon herself.

I'll be glad to share......
Hope you can follow this.

Ragan spoke to a boy at lunch one day.
Friend#1 confronted Ragan about the conversation.
Ragan was told that (friend#2) likes boy and has been
"trying to get with him" (yep-that's AZ ghetto talk) since the 8th grade.
Ragan acknowledged that fact and assured friend#1 that she and the boy were "just friends".
Friends #1 and #2 find out that friend #3 likes aforementioned boy
and is currently in negotiations for a relationship.
Ragan is best friends with friend #3, thereby incriminating herself.

I know.
I didn't get it either.

And I am not even going to get started about the girl who took pictures of herself and put them on her myspace, got caught and then blamed that all on Ragan.
It was a "Ragan made me do it" kind of thing.
That mom, will not even look my direction.
(Kind of a blessing, though, because then I don't get the "stink-eye".)

In both cases, the other "players" will not talk to Ragan--or me, for that matter.
My first reaction was to vindicate my daughter and proclaim her innocence.
Now, don't get me wrong...if Ragan was culpable in any of this, I would admit it, accept it, and then deal with it appropriately. I am NOT one of those mothers who believe her children can do no wrong. However, in both of these cases, we believe Ragan didn't do anything to provoke the treatment she's had.
Which makes me even more mad.
But since I can't fix it, I make fun of it.
Yep--that's how we roll around here.

But, I have to tell you, as hurt as Ragan was about all of this, she really helped me regain my focus on the things that really matter.

She said,
 Mom....I know who I am.
What they think about me doesn't matter.

Bless her sweet little heart.

So, I say this in closing....
I'm rubber, You're glue!
Whatever you say,
 Bounces off me,
And sticks to you!!
So there.


Kris said...

Love the "schoolyard" rubber/glue thing. Glad you are all ok. I think karma will take care of this. (Hard to believe that mothers are getting involved in schoolyard behaviour - who likes who etc. Perhaps you just have to feel sorry for those mothers. So hard to have a teenager when you are not grownup yourself!)

Burklund Blogger said...

Oh... poor Regan. I remember those days and they SUCKED! A phrase that really got me through those times (and most of my later teenage years): "This too shall pass." Not fun to hear when you want sympathy, but in the grand scheme of things, everything is SO temporary... we just have to pull through to greener pastures (which always come sooner or later).

Julie said...

Poor Ragan. I am glad she is handling it so well. It is sad that beautiful, talented girls are treated so poorly because of those very traits. I remember Mckenzie going through some of these very same things. It makes me sad. Your kids are amazing. I love them all!

Niki said...

I too, was the recipient of mean girls in high school--and it is true, there is nothing worse! I am sorry Ragan is going through this--all over a stupid boy! Why is it always about a boy? :) I am glad she has a sure sense of self and a knowledge of her Heavenly Father. With that, nothing can stop her!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I'm sure Ragan is an incredible young lady. I loved her comment to you. These "mean girls" really do exist. We homeschool, so we don't deal with it like some, but I continue to tell my girls to pick friends that don't play the games.
So far we've been pretty fortunate.
I think it would be much harder if they were in school though.

Cariann said...

I must say I am very proud of you and Regan. I was much like her in High School and never seemed to get a break. I am glad she can keep her head up and remember who she is. I sure do miss being around her.