Friday, May 28, 2010

No more teachers, no more books!

Yesterday was Ragan's last  day of 10th grade.
I think I may be just as happy as she is.
 We had a few weeks of intense preparation for her finals.
Thank goodness I , we,  she pulled through!

I happily chucked this mess into the recycle bin, first thing Thurday morning.
These are all of her notes and things that she used to fill out the endless stream of study guides that she brought home.
 I would put them together in a nice pile each morning so she could use rifle through them again that night.

In the pile I found this little scribbley picture she drew for her child care class.
It's of our family.
Pictured left to right;
Craig, me, Cameron, Mark, Makenzie & Ragan.

 Look how short she made me!!!!
At first I felt a little offended....but then, I noticed how thin I look.....

and just look at my long, flowey hair!
 Don't forget to notice my captivating brown eyes.

Why, I am absolutely stunning in this picture.  

This could very well be on the Christmas card. ;)


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I'll bet Ragan's happy! I loved that picture too. I noticed as I read the names that she made you shorter :-)
My youngest daughter is still a little shorter than me, but just a smidge, so I don't know if she'll pass me up or not. I know the twins will though, so I may soon be the shortest person in the family too.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Wendy K said...

Hi Jo-anne,
I know exactly how you feel, my daughter finished school last monday for study leave and only goes in for exams, but the release I felt at throwing away all her old school! Can't wait to get rid of this great big pile of study notes next to the computer...hahaha! ;) Loved your family portrait!
Hugs Wendy x

Gettysburg Homestead said...

That picture is growing on me. But you are looking a little anorexic. LOL

We still have until June 4th until school is out. FINALLY!!!!