Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter yesterday. Ours was quiet and simple. Ragan requested NO Easter basket this year and I happily obliged. We did eat our fair share (and then some) of candy, however! :) I would like to add my witness to those of many others that were expressed this weekend. Our Savior lives and is our Redeemer. I will be forever thankful for his atoning sacrifice for us. ******************************************************************************** I had the opportunity to do a little Goodwill shopping this weekend. I didn't spend much but was able to find a few little fun things.... Here's one of them! And look!!!--no re-do needed! This was only 99 cents. This is definitely the bargain of the day! I also picked up this tray---(Sorry! I put the pictures on in the wrong order...) This is the final destination for this re-do.
After the painting and staining.... The "before" picture.
I also worked on a baby quilt for my niece. I decided to make it out of some of the vintage sheets I have picked up over the years. It is so bright and girly! I really like how it turned out....if I do say so myself. I hope little Clara Rose will enjoy it. :)


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Jo-Anne; Hey you did a great redo on the tray love it.. Oh and the baby quilt it is so lovely and sweet, again great job..... Love her name too it is so pretty..


sharla@mylittlegems said...

OK I love this little quilt too! Do you want to make one for me? oh wait...I'm having a boy- oh well- I said for me- not my baby :)