Monday, April 28, 2008

Thoughts on being a spectator

Having spent our Saturday at another volleyball tournament, I got to thinking how much I am just a spectator in life. I am one to slip in the back, sit on the back row and never cause a problem. If someone asks me to do something, then I am all over it, but I won't necessarily volunteer. It's also no big secret that I never participated in organized sports as a child. My limit to sports participation was being a cheerleader in high school. Admittedly, someone had to explain to me the difference between offense and defense. The irony of how my life has turned out sometimes astonishes me. Thinking about the last 25 years and attending every kind of sporting event known to mankind still surprises me. It has been a great ride, however. I have settled into my role as an athletic supporter, (or as Craig affectionately calls me, "a jock strap") and it's a good fit for me. I am happy to be behind the camera. I am sure my chronic case of "bleacher butt" will eventually go away. Although, not too soon, I hope! Cameron, #4. Playing in a semi-pro FB leauge in Logan, Ut called the Logan Stampede. Mark, #20. High School Varsity football @ Timpanogoes HS in Orem Ut. Makenzie, #8. High School Varsity volleyball @ Timpanogoes HS in Orem Ut. Ragan, #20 . Varsity volleyball @ Old Vail Middle School


Erin said...

Well - in a house full of jocks, someone has to be there to support them. They are lucky and you're a great mom and friend!

And you do volunteer...just in subtle ways. You are always willing to help me and I thank you!

Andrea said...

Watching my kids participate is one of my faviorite things to do. How fun all your kids have been so involved. I think it's great.

Primgal55 said...

I love that you rkids are so involved. My Jay was an all star in high school and college football. One of my greatest joys in life was watching him play, and watching our Jen dance.
hugs, Linda (if you can't tell by now I am scrolling backwards in your blog! Still can't get AOL to send my emails!) hugs, Linda