Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We learn from our mistakes, right?

I can scratch another completed project off my list. I wish I was happier with the finished project, but, that's how it goes sometimes. It's a little too "crazy quilt" looking for me with the fabric strips all being uneven. (There's an OCD of mine kicking in...) However, I was able to practice my machine quilting skills and that was fun. Well, fun is probably not the word I am looking for....maybe "learning experience" would be more appropriate. It was a real upper body workout, that's for sure. :) I like the look of the meandering machine quilting and thought that it might help me get over the uneven fabric strips. The jury is still out on that one.... Maybe I meandered a little too much. I tell my preschoolers all the time that it's okay to make mistakes because that's how we learn. So, today, I will take some of my own advice!


Erin said... already know that I love this quilt and having just recently made my first (really small) quilt...I know what you mean about your OCD...but I have a friend named Barbara who used to say when we would make a mistake or two on a project..."It just makes it uniquely yours!" I love your quilt no matter what! It's totally adorable!

Andrea said...

love the quilt. love your comments. I'm just so happy to know this about you. I'll have to post a quilt I recently completed for my next door neighbor.