Monday, March 31, 2008

Ward split

Yesterday at our ward conference our stake president told of a change in our current ward situation. Our ward was so huge...748 members...we all knew a split was inevitable. This was the first time a ward in our stake was split into two separate entities without picking up any members from another ward. While I welcomed the change, I knew full well that it was going to be bittersweet. It isn't always easy to make a significant change (my opinion) and I knew that a lot of the friends I had would not be in the same ward with me after the split. I also knew that my carefree days of coming to church without the responsibility of a calling were probably numbered. (Bro. Adams, I promise not to screen my phone calls.....) I knew that my daughter would be only one of two girls her age. However, the new time change will enable her to attend church AND her volleyball practice. That is good. As the stake president introduced us to our new bishoprics, I had such a sweet feeling of peace. The Spirit touched my heart and I knew, without a doubt, that these men were called of God and that they would humbly lead our ward to great and wonderful things. As the old saying goes, "Life must go on". I will miss seeing many people (you know who you are....) but I really look forward to being able to meet many more that I just couldn't when our numbers were so many. So, I will look at this as a new beginning and not a sad ending. It's gonna be great!

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familywithfivekids said...

Thank you for the sweet comments left on my blog. You are so awesome! You are right - we will still see each other. But you had better watch out as a calling is sure to be coming your way! You will be awesome wherever you serve. I have been blessed that we were in the same ward for awhile.