Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day

Today I was thinking of a funny trick my kids played on me one April Fools Day several years ago. It wasn't that funny to me at the time but we still all laugh about it now. My children (in their infinite wit and cleverness) thought it would be funny if they taped the lever down on the kitchen sink sprayer. They used black electrical tape so their shenanigans were completely undetected by me. They knew that when I turned on the water I would be sprayed with the water. So, me, being an unsuspecting dupe, came be-bopping into the kitchen and fell into their snare. All of them, even Craig, were covertly watching. Sure enough, as I tried to rinse off the breakfast dishes, specifically left there by my perpetrators, I was utterly soaked. To make matters worse, I couldn't figure out why the water was spraying which only prolonged my torture. It wasn't until I realized that everyone was in full fits of laughter that I understood my plight. That day, the joke was on me.....but, you have to know, I have included that little trick in my arsenal, saving it to use later when they are the unsuspecting ones! :):) Go ahead and laugh...I am giggling as I type!

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