Thursday, March 15, 2012

The importance of resolutions.

Back in January, I made some very serious resolutions for the new year. I posted them on my facebook page in an effort to document them and to make myself accountable to those that read my posts.

Again, I share.....

We had a great 2011-we got a return missionary, our daughter married a great guy, our baby started her senior yr, Craig won a couple of very prestigious awards, and we became grandparents. With that being said, I set a few goals for myself for 2012.....
1. marry off one or both of our remaining unmarried children. (Any takers? Just message me.)
2. acquire another one (or two) grandchildren. (I'm ju...
st SO good at it....)
3. find a pair of boots that will fit over my man calves. (I don't want any guys getting all jealous.)
4. take a daily nap whether I need it or not. (Beauty sleep. Duh.)
5. have Ragan throw me a party after she graduates. (It's the least she can do.)
6. exploit my husbands fame and notoriety for financial gain. (Money really CAN buy the form of a tummy tuck, I do believe.)
Oh ya....and,
7. bring sexy back.

Happy New Year! :):):)

Well, I am so thrilled and happy to announce that I have already accomplished two of them......

Goal #2......

Kyle and Makenzie are having a baby!!!

We are so excited. This little bundle will be arriving in September.


Goal #1.....
It appears our Mark has found his one true love.

Meet Makel.

They have talked about getting married the end of August.

I am working feverishly on the other five goals.
I am doing a fine job on #4.
Number #3 is proving to be quite difficult and we are right on track for accomplishing #5.
Number #6 is coming along and quite frankly, #7 has been, well...... just WAY too easy.

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