Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Before and After

I got this sweet cupboard from Craigslist for free.

It was a mess!!

The veneer was peeling off and it was missing the back.

 But it was just so quaint and cute.
 I knew it would be perfect for a makeover.

I scraped of the peeling veneer, sanded the holy junk out of it, added a back piece
 and painted it a lovely purple.

I sanded the edges and wiped stain over it. Then, finally added some glass knobs.


She's a little beauty.

She lives in Ragan's room.
Amongst the rubble.
And, yes, I shoved clothes and other paraphernalia out of the way to snap this picture.
(smiley face)


Burklund Blogger said...

I LOVE how creative you are. It's awesome that you can see past what it is to what it COULD be. Wish I had vision like that...

TheRustyThimble said...

Great make over Jo Anne, thank you for signing up for The Rusty thimble giveaway

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Hey! That is really sweet! If Ragan doesn't love that, she can just send it to me! Good job, Jo-Anne!

Gayle said...

FREE is my favorite price Jo-Anne! You did good!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Hey, if you haven't gone by Brenda's to sign up for this giveaway, PLEASE do and mention my name. It will give me an extra chance to win. If I don't win, I hope you do!!!!

Jen said...

ok so the price was awesome!! Just love those deals :0) and it turned out super nice! Great Job!
Jen~The Olde Willow~

Porie said...

It's kinda interesting how you find you have SO much in common with someone you've never met. I saw you in RS Sunday and wondeed if you were JoAnne Carter--I've heard your name so many times, but being in Primary for the last year and a half I never meet anyone :( I LOVE to thrift, craft, sew, quilt, refinish furniture (thats pretty much the only place I browse on CraigsList--besides the free stuff) and I have twins. And I am kinda one of the older ones (I guess) in our relatively "young" ward. Been hard to come to terms with--that 32 is considered "old". GOt used to the young married title with young kids, that you don't realize when you have left that category. Anyway, would love to chat with you sometime and get ideas and tips. Nora Morgan 248-7408