Thursday, September 15, 2011

a DIY chalkboard table

One of my favorite things to do is write on chalk boards.

I know, I know, that's a strange admission.

But, I just like the feel of the chalk and the fun of being able to erase and re-write.

Here in preschool we use small chalk boards to practice our writing of letters and drawing of shapes.
The chalk is easy for their little hands to manipulate and the erasing helps in building the muscles
that will help them write with pencils later on.  

Well, the time came that I needed another preschool table.

I had a rather brilliant idea (if I do say so myself) to have the mister build me one....

BUT instead of having a "normal" top, I wanted to paint it with chalkboard paint.
It works so well that we use it exclusively as a chalkboard table.

I let the kiddos stand around it and doodle to their hearts content! was so easy to make!

Craig cut out a regular old piece of plywood the length and width that I requested.
He framed it and supported it with cut 1"x4"s.
 He attached the legs, which we picked up at Lowe's, and I painted the top with chalkboard paint.
I masked off the edges when I painted, and then after it had dried for 24 hrs.,
I masked off the top and painted the edges.

Every couple of years, I touch up the paint using the same technique.
Chalkboard paint comes in a spray paint option, as well as by the quart or gallon.

You can use the chalkboard paint on anything.....
walls, doors, cookie sheets (for a cute magnet board!), etc.
 It's so fun!

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