Friday, April 1, 2011

some more make overs

Well, it's April 1st, and I hope everyone is playing nice April fools jokes on people.
The mean ones are just not as fun!
My Craig sure was the victim of a mean one this morning.....

One of his athletes came up to him this morning with big tears in her eyes,
asking him to help her tell her parents that she was pregnant.

As he went to give her a consoling hug, telling her that he would do what he could to help her,
she started laughing and said, April Fools!

Needless to say, he didn't think it was funny.

I have always told my kids that playing a joke on someone is only funny if everyone has fun.

Anyway.......I have a couple of new make overs to share.

This bowl was a thrift store find that I got a while ago. I really liked it's size and shape.

 It was only $1.99 and I knew I could sand the edges to get rid of the few blemishes it had.

 After I spray painted it black, I did just that. With a nice coat of stain, it turned out real purdy!
 I put some paper grass in it and it made a nice little nesting place for my new grunged eggs.
Linda is such a sweet blog friend and has the funnest blog.
These eggs are so easy and fun to make and they smell delish!
If you've ever grunged up some candles, then these will be a piece of cake for you.

I keep my wax in an old coffee can and heat it double boiler style.

I put a pan of water on to boil, and set the can inside of the pan.

I use plain old wax that you can buy at the grocery store and colored it with black and brown crayons. I have also put bits of old candles in it (I melt what's left in the jar in the oven (checking often) on about 150* until they're liquid, then pour it in the coffee can) and they help with the yummy smell.

As for the smell, I have added all kinds of spices....cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, etc.

After all of it is melted, I take the wax off the heat, and start dipping.

I stir the wax  often (with an old wooden spoon) to ensure the spices haven't all sunk to the bottom.
I use rubber gloves and just dip the eggs with my hands
and then set it on wax paper until they have cooled.

 I also rolled them in more spices that I have in a bowl.

It took about 4 dips and rolls before I got the consistency I liked.
As the wax cools, it sticks a little better.
I used my hands to help mold the wax around the egg.
 After I'm done, I peel the drips off of the wax paper and put them back into the wax along with any left over spices. SO fun! :)

The next little make over is for Ragan's bathroom.
I have been looking for a little clock to put in there for a long time,
but couldn't find the right one for just the right price.
BUT----she NEEDS one in there, on account of her chronic lateness.

I remembered this clock that my mom gave me about 100 years ago that I had out in the garage.

I figured I'd see what I could do with it.
I took it all apart......glued some round beads to the bottom for legs and painted it.

And here it is.
I painted it a hot pink first. Then I painted black over the pink. Her bathroom has bit of a shabby chic look to it, so I didn't want to prim it up too much. I spray painted the gold rim around the clock silver. After everything was dry, I lightly sanded the edges to show a tiny bit of pink, then sealed it with a spray sealer.

I think it turned out perfectly for Ragan's bathroom counter.

I have a feeling she will still be late though.

She never has really embraced my 5 minute beauty regimen.


rachel said...

Love your makeovers! The joke your poor hubby had pulled on him was just wrong!lol
Hope your weekend is great!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Awwww, shucks! You mentioned me on your blog. Thank you. I love how your eggs turned out. I am embracing the bowl in place of the basket. I use my baskets for 'other' purposes. You know I have discovered something called chocolate extract that will actually make them smell like chocolate! Sounds like something to try!
Warmest blessings!

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Great projects Jo-anne! Oh how I wish a new clock would solve my Jen's lateness problem too... if you come up with any other good ideas, please let me know!!

I agree - that was not a funny joke. The real 6 inches of snow we got wasn't either!!

Have a great weekend! HUGS!

tamera-country at heart said...

Love your makeovers, I too do makeovers. Lots of fun. The eggs turned out good. I am going to try candles maybe first and see how I do. Then I may try some other items to prim up.My daughter's birthday was April 1st. April fool baby, she turns 35. I am a follower of yours now.
Stop and visit me sometime.
Country at heart

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Joanne: Are these plastic eggs that you grungied up?

Andrea said...

ours mom must have shopped at the same store a 100 years ago 'cuz I have one just like it!! LOL :) Now I'm inspired to take it apart and do something fun with it. my brain is pumping!!