Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back in Business.

Isn't it strange that when the computer goes down, it seems like nothing else works? Isn't it also strange that it is difficult to remember the days when we didn't have computers? I sure did miss ours when it was away being fixed (AGAIN).
So in an effort to catch up, I'd like to share a few things that I have accomplished these past few weeks.
 I have spent a lot of time in the car lately. With only having two cars and four people with very different schedules, we've been doing some creative driving to get people where they needed to be.
 While driving to and fro, it became neccesary for me to stop in at a thrift store. I had been on the look out for a frame to put some paintings in that Mark sent us from Uganda. 
I was able to find one that fit three of them. It used to be a green frame with Beatrix Potter prints, but, with a little spray paint, it worked out great.

My Dad suggested that I didn't cover up the frayed edges in an effort to keep the authentic look of the paintings. They are painted on a canvas of sorts. We think they are beautiful and are a good likeness of the people that Mark has lived with and taught these last 16 months. (Except for the spear! haha!) 

I also had the opportunity to go to a fabric sale with my friend, Sharla. A lady she knows sells fabric out of her house. This lady had some great deals! I got a small charm pack for $1 that made up this little baby quilt. Yes, you read it right. It was only ONE dollar! I added my own border and binding, but still.....this quilt was definitely a bargain. :)
At the same fabric sale, there were grab bags for sale. They ranged in price from $1-$3. I snagged up a few of them, too. I made this little baby quilt from the contents of two bags. One of greens and one of pinks. There were a lot of strips in them so I sewed them all together and cut 4" blocks to match the solid 4" blocks. I machine quilted it with a small stipple because of the many, many seams. (and also because that kind of machine quilting hide many a flaw!)
AND FINALLY, I want to announce that I am no longer a LOSER! YAY ME! I won a giveaway that Nicole was having right before my computer decided to go down. She was so graciously offering a Moda layer cake. Seriously, aside from winning the jackpot in a nickle slot machine in 1994, I really haven't ever won this kind of a random contest! Especially when you factor in that I left the 300th or so comment!
I was so tickled to receive it!
Just look how pretty it is! Hmmmm, what WILL I make with these beauties?
Thank you so much, Nicole. I love the fabric.
(And after I am done running my fingers over it and arranging it all over the counter, I promise I will make something out of it!)


sharla@mylittlegems said...

shut up! You did not make those two things from the scraps! Awesome- I am loving both of them! Wish I had th time to do something like that-oh and the skills.
So do you still want to swap scraps? I have a little pile set aside. I love your quilts. I just need some time-as there is a big shortage of it in my life these days;) love these beauties ;)

Julie said...

SCORE!!! Love the quilts you have made. That picture from Uganda is priceless. I really liked the way you framed it. Glad your computer is up and running. We can't live with them or without them. :) Have a great day. Julie

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Such beautiful work....You are, indeed, multi-talented! ★Linda

Lenore said...

I love your quilts and all your fabrics. So much fun and you are so creative and thrifty. Your pictures look great. Will Mark look like the Africans when he comes home? Will you come and do Jalene's wedding? You could save us mega bucks!
And no one is as skinny as we used to be or would like to be, and you are already beautiful.

TrishAnderson said...

Great quilts. Great bargains. I just don't have patience for these kind of crafts so I enjoy looking at what other people make!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It's funny how dependent we become on our electronic devices, isn't it? It looks like you made good use of your down time though. Those quilts are beautiful, and what a deal on the fabric! I've only made one quilt, and I hand quilted it. I'd love to learn how to do a stipple, I've heard you can do it on a regular sewing machine, but I'm not sure I'd be able to do it. Is yours done that way, or long-armed?
I think your dad was right about those beautiful paintingss from your son. They look wonderful in the frame, and I like the frayed edges.
I'm glad your back. Have a wonderful weekend.