Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A couple of finishes.

Remember this?
I blogged about it a while back.
I asked for your suggestions on how to re-do this little cupboard.
(By the way, thank you so much for all your suggestions. I know I haven't gotten back to you all personally, but I want you to know I appreciated all of them!)

After I hurt my shoulder, I really physically couldn't do too much. And that bugged me.
So, one day (after the cortisone shot!) when I felt like I could move it a little, I decided that I would take some spray paint to it.
Now, this wasn't my first choice fo the re-do,
but there are times when a girl has to do what a girl has to do..... right??
So here it is......

This little cupboard found a home on our bathroom counter. It's job will be to hide pill bottles and such that someone, (who shall remain nameless, but has the initials C.C.)  leaves out on the counter. I have issues with surface abuse (among many others...), but that is fodder for another blog entry. :)
I wanted to flip the lid over because the wheat carving just wasn't grabbing me. However, given the angled cut, it wasn't possible.
I spray painted it a flat black, sanded up the edges and wiped a little wax over the top.
I think I like it.

I also have been doing a little sewing. I made this table runner.
I am not so sure I'm loving it yet, but some days,  I get so desperate for color around these parts.
It'll grow on me!
Happy day to you all-


Janene said...

That is a gorgeous piece!
And what a great idea, to use it in the bathroom.
Have a wonderful week!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Great job on both your projects!

I am still fighting with my shoulder. Chiropractor trip #3 today. So glad yours is doing better.


familywithfivekids said...

Jo-Anne, I love the way the cupboard turned out and your table runner is adorable! You have a gift (many really!).
I have been thinking of you and your shoulder and hoping you are doing o.k.

Julie said...

Both look GREAT!! I am with you on the color. Spring has sprung her today though, and I did the happy dance!! Have a great day. Julie

Lisa said...

The cupboard looks great and your table runner looks perfect for spring. Happy to hear that you are doing well.


Leslie said...

That's a great idea for the box!!! It's a cute box, too and the wheat design isn't bad at all :)

I like your runner, too. I haven't made anything Prim in so long. I love the bright colors I have been using, it's a nice change BUT I miss my dark Prim colors! lol


Katherine said...

The little cupboard turned out great Jo-Anne! I love your countertops. And your Springy table runner is SO pretty! I started one last March. Started meaning I bought some fabric...


Angie Berry said...

I love the way it turned out! I think the wheat is fine, I would have left it anyway. Great use of it too, I know what you mean about surface abuse.. that drives me crazy!

Your table runner is lovely! Beautiful spring colors.

Have a delightful weekend, my friend~

Reber8 said...

I LOVE the runner... One of the things that I'm not able to do in any way shape or form, in quilt.
It's beautiful!!!