Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello again!

I bid you a SPOOKY welcome! :) Don't you just love Halloween? I do! I used to love it a lot more when my kids were smaller and I dressed them in cute little costumes that I chose. I enjoyed that so much. Now they choose their own costumes and I am there onlyto facilitate payment of said costumes, but I still love the whole dressing up part. I enjoy love the soft glow of lit jack-0-lanterns, the fun songs we sing at preschool and all the decorations that we see everywhere. Here is a little mummy doll I made last year. I put one in my Etsy shop and it sold right away! I wanted one for myself so I made another. (I would have shared him long ago but we have had so much trouble with our computer. It stopped uploading photos and so we had to go buy an external card reader.....gosh, when do you just say "when" when it comes to your computer....there were days I wanted to chuck it out the window and just start over! But, thankfully, it looks like we are up and running again! YAY!) Remember this small quilt I found at the Goodwill store? Well, I wanted to hang it in the upstairs hallway so I asked Craig to whip up this peg board for me so I could!
What a great guy! The quilt was a little too bright for my liking so I sent it through a dye bath. It works wonders to prim something up a bit.
I found the metal stars while we were in Utah this summer at a craft store. They were 75% off because they were painted for the 4th of July. I think I got each one for about $2. I spray painted them black (don't you just think spray paint is the best invention?!). I also got the tin lunch pail and the wooden candle holder at the Goodwill store. The candle holder now sports some grubby tapers. And on another fun note--I would like to introduce you to a new friend. A few weeks ago, I heard some ruckus going on just outside the pet door. I went over to see what was going on and our sweet Maggie came through the pet door with something in her mouth. She very tenderly dropped this frog on the floor. Mr. Frog proceeded to hop frantically away, without a doubt thinking he just escaped certain death. Maggie followed, nudged it a little and then let it be. After a short pursuit, I was able to get this bowl over him so we could set him free. Ragan took this picture, all the while asking me if we could keep him. However, he was successfully released back into the wild.
Call me crazy, but I think he resembles a few of my old boyfriends! ;)


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

LOL - so you have kissed a few frogs huh?? I only had one boyfriend before David and last time I saw him he kind of looked like your mummy doll!

Sp glad to see you post again! I have missed you!

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Jo-Anne; Love the frog,,, so so funny and cute sort of... lol
And that Mummy doll you made is so cute,,,, I just love going to the Good Will, and you really found some great things, that Quilt is so gorgeous... I need to pay them a visit again.. have a great week


Leslie said...

Hi :) It's great to hear from you again!

Love the little mummy guy and your dyed quilt is now perfect :) Great finds!

It's amazing how attached to our computers we become and when they're not working, oh my! I feel so lost without mine. It's my contact with the outside Happy to hear it's working once again :)

Have a great day!


The Wolfes said...

That mummy is so cute!!! and the frog thing is hilarious, i love that Ragan asked to keep it! hahahaha she is so funny.

Julie said...

What's that saying..."Before you meet the handsome prince, you have to kiss a lot of toads?" Great post. I love Halloween,too. We have lots of excitement still at our house. It's a fun time of year. Good to hear from you. Have a great day. Julie