Thursday, February 26, 2009

How does it happen??

All day Monday, I cleaned the house. It's what I usually do on Mondays as I have preschool on Tuesdays. This Monday, I scrubbed most of the house.(I leave the bedrooms to their occupants....) I remember that Craig used to ask me at times like this if I wanted our home to look like the ones in the magazines. (DUH! I told him that was a dumb question. LOL) Anyway, this was one of those days where I would have felt fine should the magazine people show up unannounced. It felt good. Here we are 3 days later and I am wondering where I was when the bomb hit. This morning before preschool I was going through the house like a white tornado trying to pick up before the parents started dropping off their little ones. It was bad....I am talking so many dishes to wash that there were no more spoons in the drawer, and still a sinkful of dishes left to wash after loading the dishwasher. There is a pile of laundry in the upstairs hallway that seems to double in size every day. The mystery is who it all belongs to. I know it's not mine. And I dare say it's not Makenzies as she is a bit on the OCD side when it comes to her laundry. So it looks like I will spend another day cleaning. However, tomorrow I will have a helper. Ragan is enjoying a little break from school. It is Rodeo Weekend here in Tucson. (The school districts give the kids the days off from school because the story is, back in the day, all the students would miss anyway to go to the rodeo.) I am excited to get things in order because there are some fun things that I need (okay, okay....WANT) to do before we head up to Phoenix Saturday for Ragans VB tournament. Wish me luck that things will remain in order for a little longer!! :) I recently heard from Ann (A Hole in the Basket Prims) that I was the WINNER of her procrastinators challenge> YAY! for me!! I was so excited and had no idea what my winnings would be. When it came in the mail, I could hardly wait to get in the house before opening it. This is what I found...... Isn't she wonderful???? It's a prim stump doll stuffed with rags. Doesn't she look great standing next to my antique scriptures and hymn book? (the bottom Book of Mormon is not an antique) Thank you thank you thank you, Ann. I couldn't be more pleased with my new little doll. And, I thank you again for giving me the kick in the behind that I needed to get some much needed projects done! :)


Julie said...

Jo-Anne---I feel your pain. How does that happen? And, guaranteed, if you mop the floor, someone will spill a gallon of orange juice all over it!! Glad someone else has a household like mine!!

That doll you won is so cute. It looks great next to your stack of books. Have a great day. Julie

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love the stump doll Joann...looks great with antique books!

Everytime I clean the kitchen floor Stush will come in from the garage with Buster.grrrr
Have a great evening.

Mercy Ottis said...

LOL!!! I also feel your pain!!!
There are only 3 of us who live here full time. That's it. And yet without fail every monday morning I stand in awe (ok so maybe that's not a good enough word) at the TOTAL MESS that my house is in! AAHHHHHHHHH! CLeaning house is never my favorite thing to do. LOL I love the doll. It's fun to win huh. :-) Lewaina

Leslie said...

The doll is cute. Congrats on your win :)

I don't know how it happens either. It seems any time you work like mad and get everything done, something happens to destroy it all. I guess maybe it's to teach us that things can't really be perfect???

Hope your day goes better today :)


A Hole in the Basket Primitives - Ann said...

Jo Anne, I'm glad you liked the doll. I had a good time making them for the winners. As far as my house goes, I think a pixie comes in to our house while we are at school and throws clothes around and scatters Legos wherever I'm going to walk when I come home. Maybe she's the tooth fairy's evil stepsister! We've had lots of TF visits lately. Have a great weekend. ~Ann

TrishAnderson said...

I feel the same way about my house. We finally gget the upstairs clean I walk downstairs for about an hour, go back up to be hit with a bigger mess than what was just cleaned! AAGGGHH! It is still work in progress in teaching my kiddos. The prize does look perfect right there!