Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just a little something....

I always seem to have something in the works around here. I didn't get a chance to post yesterday for Whatcha Working on Wednesday, so here I am....a day late. I finished up the curtains for our breakfast nook. I had some black and tan checked homespun curtains up, but they were starting to fade. I also thought it could use a little more color there, so this is what I chose. I tried to strategically take the picture so as to not include all the other projects I have spread all over the table.....It was just too big of a pile! ;) I picked up some fun things at the Goodwill store several weeks ago. I finally got around to doing something with them. This is the platter that I will find a fun spot for.... When I grabbed this wooden bowl, my first thought was to paint it. Then I saw this marking on the bottom. I Googled the word and found out this bowl was made in between 1911-1950ish. I doubt it is worth any money but I am debating on whether or not to paint it now. What would you do???? I have also painted the candle holder and I have toyed around with taking off the little handle thing on the bottom, but then I put it back on.....Do I want to hang it or sit it??? I am leaning toward taking it off....tell me what you think? I look forward to your input! :) Happy Day!


Leslie said...

Love the new curtains! They look great.

Your TS finds are great and nice makeovers.

I don't know what to tell you about the wooden bowl. Did you try looking around ebay or doing a search and looking for prices?

Have a great day!


Kimberly said...

Hey Jo-Anne! I was just thinking of you today... I'm working on a runner right now and needed border fabric. So off to the store... the one I went with is the exact one I bordered your runner with, the one in your lovely new header!

Your dolly is very sweet! Did you make her? This will be my year to try my hand at doll making.

Love your thrifty finds... the platter looks awesome! And your curtains, and gathering room sign...

Get off the computer, Kim, and get to work!

Have an awesome day!! Hugs~

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love your curtains they look so nice, myself I'd take the bottom part off to sit it somewhere. I love what you did with the platter and I'd leave the bowl alone:)

Linda said...

The curtains look great. Recently several other bloggers have posted about bowls made by that company so maybe they know if it is valuable. I can't think of who just yet now, but if I see the posts again, I'll let you know!

I REALLY love the color of your blog... humm? Wonder why? Looks like Jen will be buying tutu's after all!..Check my post around 5 PM my time!! Please don't publish this until after that time so no one else sees it. Thanks so much

Janene said...

I love what you did with the platter! I would never have thought to do that!
I have heard of those bowls! I love the look of a painted I would probably paint the outside!
I love the candle holder! Mine did not have the handle, so I did not have to make that decision...but you can take it off and keep it just in case you change your can be hung with or without the handle right?
I love your items...thrifting is so much fun!

Thimbleanna said...

Love the new curtains. AND the painted platter -- really love it! I wouldn't paint the bowl -- and this is coming from one who paints. I have pine bowls that I'll paint for holidays or something, but that bowl is WAY too pretty. The box is a tough call. I could go either way on that one!

Clasheen said...

Hi Jo-Anne,

LOVE the platter, remove the handle, don't paint the bowl!


Julie said...

I love what you did with the platter. I think I would leave the handle--it's unique. I would leave the bowl like it is--cool. I really like your header--very cute!! Hope you're having a great day. Julie

Sandy said...

First off, I have to tell you I LOVE your header picture. That doll is so beautiful and prim...I LOVE it!!!

Your curtains look great and I love the sign right above. You did a great job and also a great job on the platter. You got yourself some great finds.

The candle holder thingy...I would remove the bottom part so this way if you want to hang it you can but if you want to place it some wheres sitting you can. But for as the bowl...I don't think I would touch it. But like Leslie have nothing to loose by looking on Ebay or something.

Have a great evening and can't wait to see the candle holder and what you do with the bowl.


lindanuts said...

Love the new curtains...
Leave the bowl natural.
The platter is awesome. Is that star a stamp? Just love it!
I've seen the candle holders at Goodwill, too, but have passed them up. Now, I think painting one black or cranberry would be pretty cool and BTW~ I like the handle. Kind of makes it look like a scoop.

LaurieJ said...

Don't paint it!

Kath said...

Hi Jo-Anne

Love your curtains!!
What great finds!
I just got a wooden dough bowl this past weekend....mine is a munising too! :) it's quite a bit more warn than yours tho....
I have no idea what they are worth (if anything).
I just gave mine an oil bath and left it as is.
The Munising Co. doesnt make woodware anymore, so some day it might be worth something????
Enjoy your day!

TrishAnderson said...

Great finds! I look forward to seeing what you ended up doing wtih it all!