Monday, June 2, 2008

A quilty update!

So here it is..... the beginnings of my little quilt for the swap. I went with a variation of the crazy 9-patch pattern. It is an easy block to sew and, in my opinion, visually pleasing. It might be a little "elementary" as far as quilt patterns go but I am still in the baby stages of learning. I hope my swap partner is open to my beginner indulges... What's that you ask??? Yes....that IS two of the same fabrics side by side...UGH! I was hoping no one would notice. I really had to repress the OCD side of myself and not unpick the whole thing to fix this little boo-boo. I am really loving the colors and how they "play" together. It reminds me of strawberry lemonade!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you got your computer fixed. The quilt looks great! Good luck with the swap!

lera said...

Very lovely, Jo-Anne.

Andrea said...

I smile when I think of you working to put this together. It is really fun and cheery!

Anonymous said...

Yours is sooo pretty!

Mine isn't going so well. I made the entire top (it was a hot air balloon floating in the sky) and now I have to start over due to using orange which my partner hates (I thought she said green LOL).

Oh well, I guess I made a top for Etsy. I did not even notice the two identicle prints together until you pointed it out!