Monday, June 2, 2008

Playing catch-up

Our computer has been less than cooperative lately. It hasn't allowed us to upload any pictures for quite some time. After many attempts, and I will shamefully admit a few small cuss words, I gave up. Then, I thought I would give it one more try this morning, and worked!! So, here's a little update... This is a picture I took of all the kids (and Makenzies boyfriend, Justin) the night before Cam went home to Utah. We went to dinner at this little hole in the wall called "Bison-witches". They have great sandwiches! It is located by the UofA campus on a little street called 4Th avenue. Across the street was this fun costume shop that the kids just had to go in....I think they tried on every hat in the place (much to the sales clerks chagrin....) I laughed so hard at them, I nearly wet my pants. (note to self: empty bladder before shopping with grown children) In the car on the way to dinner. (And I was hoping they would get all this silliness out of their system before we were actually in public. I seriously can't take them anywhere. :) Ragan has successfully completed the 8Th grade. This is the promotion ceremony that took place (and lasted about 2 hours longer than necessary.) I could not attend due to preschool obligations and poor planning on my part, but Craig, Mark and Makenzie were there to support Ragan. There she is!! Blond hair and glasses... It's off to high school for my baby! Finally, Ragan had her last club volleyball tournament on Saturday.(sorry this picture is not rotated. I neglected to do it before I downloaded it on this post and in order to turn it now I would have to start all over.) It was a very long day that started early. We had to be in Phoenix at 7AM which meant we needed to be out of the house by 5AM. After playing most of the day, there was a site change to a high school in Mesa, which I found after much searching and several stops to ask directions (oh, how I long for the Utah freeways...{sigh}) we finally found it. We rolled back into town late and we both fell in a heap of exhaustion. Craig returned from a track meet in California about 2AM, beat and broken out with a lovely case of hives. I think somebody need to go fishing.....does anyone know of a body of water located in Arizona???


Anonymous said...

Yeah! There's a lake down south and it's called....starts with a "P"??? I'll find out and let you know. It'll mean e-mailing my neighbor Patrick inAfghanistan, but he'll be happy for the break! Let you know soon!

familywithfivekids said...

Congratulations Ragan on the middle school promotion and the great volleyball playing! Cienega is lucky to have you coming their way!