Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So, I am cheating on my treadmill. It's with a box of tissues and some cold medicine. Don't judge me.... it started off innocent enough. I thought it was just a simple allergy but before I realized what was happening, it had developed into a full fledged cold. I know what you're thinking about me, but come on, everyone does this at least once in their life and besides, my treadmill is a torturous and wretched contraption anyway. I see how it looks at me though.....all plugged in and waiting for some attention. But, I need more from my treadmill. Three pounds down in one month is pathetic. As always, I will go back. Back to our love/hate relationship. After all, we need each other. **disclaimer: This post is meant to be in jest. It is a result of recent illness and a small pity party I have been having with myself. This pity party has evoked melancholy, sentimental moods that have resulted in some recent previous posts. I was not fishing for compliments but very much appreciate all your kind comments. :)


familywithfivekids said...

Maybe your treadmill and my exercise bicycle can go on a run together. My exercise bike would love to get out from underneath the clothes piled on top of it!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with fishing for compliments..isn't that why we have a comment section :-)? 3lbs a month doesn't feel like a lot and then 6 months later I think dang! that would have been 18!..I hate that ;-)