Monday, April 7, 2008

Love notes

I was looking through a few things this morning and found this note Ragan wrote to us when she was in the first grade. I remember the day she gave it to us....we were really at a big bump in the road with our oldest son, Cameron. At age 14, he was so depressed. Craig and I were consumed with trying to help the huge cost of our other children. Finally, after much prayer, many doctor appointments,and research on our part we were able to obtain a diagnosis for Cam and a treatment plan. I am thankful to say that he is doing remarkably better today. This little letter from my sweet baby really helped me through a very difficult time. As she grows I see even more clearly her special spirit and compassion for others. She couldn't be more loved!


Sara Adams said...

What a sweet, compassionate young woman! I think it is remarkable how children love with no bounds!

familywithfivekids said...

This is a post to cherish! Ragan is adorable!