Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just Doin' our Girl Thang!

Here are the fruits of our labor from our latest Ladies Night Out. Thanks Trish for a SUPER fun night of food and crafting!! We made these cute little scrapbooks out of paper lunch bags. Trish had TONS of scrapbook paper and accessories available for us to use to decorate them. It was so fun and easy...I will surely be making more of these!


Anonymous said...

Your turned out so cute! I still have 4 pages to do on my first one and the entire 2nd book! Emily gave me her 2nd one - so now I have a total of 3 to make! I need to get back over to Trish's and get more paper as I didn't get any for Emily's. I loved this too! Fun, fun, fun!

Andrea said...

We are looking for a simple craft to do with our girls at camp. Could you somehow post the instructions for these. Absolutely darling - my 19 active Beehives would love it.