Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A night of fun!!

I was recently invited to attend a bloggers night at our local DownEast store.
It is located in the Tucson Mall.
The store is trying to drum up some business and since I have been a long time customer of DownEast clothing, I was more than happy to attend.

DownEast offers many selections of modest clothing for not only women but teenagers as well.
If you like to layer like I do, then this is the place for you!

The clothes are relatively inexpensive and, in my experience, last a good long time. :)
DownEast also carries a big variety of accessories and jewelery....

OOOoooo! I love the lacey T! I have it in pink! :):):)
This is my friend, Rainey, (L) and the "big boss" (R) who came from Phoenix to attend this fun night.
They gave us a $25 gift card to spend too!
Here's Ragan finding things for me to buy for her with it! haha!

If you ever get a chance to shop at DownEast, you will not be disappointed!

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Julie said...

Hi Jo-Anne,
I love that store. Darling clothes!! I spend too much money there on my girls but like you say it is good quality and modest!
How are things in your neck of the woods? I hope you are doing well.

My daughter, Jessica, is attending USU this fall and she thinks she saw your daughter on campus. She recognized her from your blog. She was too aprehensive to ask her though because she thought it would sound wierd.:) I told her if she ever sees her again to say Hi and explain how she knows what she looks like. This blog world is so small!!

Hope you have a great day! We just might need to do a Christmas swap--only do it November since December gets way out of hand..what do ya think? Take Care.