Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween fun.

I love Halloween, but since moving to Arizona, I have a hard time dragging out all of my things.
It's because the temperature is still pushing 100* and it feels like summer, not fall.

But, they're finally out and I got a little excited. ;)
I remembered that I sold a lot of my decorations at a yard sale this past spring so a bit of crafting was in order to fill in some empty spaces.

This is a little thrifted frame that I covered in wiggly eyes. So cute and FAST to make!
 And, yes.....I saw a version of this on Pinterest.
Don't judge me.
 The picture of the owls is from some scrapbook paper that my precious son, Mark gave me.
He works in a plant that manufactures scrapbook paper.....
he gets $50 worth of free stuff a year! Hello freebies!
 This is another quick decoration idea.
Another thrifted frame, spray painted and distressed, with a jack 'o lantern sticker on the glass. I put a piece of scrapbook paper behind it.  

This is not a decoration but a new addition to our family.....

 Meet Cody.
(Named by Ragan)
He is a tarantula that lives outside our front door.
He's a big'un.

We were wondering what kind of a critter was making holes and burrowing in the dirt.

Now we know.

He can stay as long as he takes care of all the other bugs that lurk around the front door. 
But he can't come inside.


Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Cute cute ideas!
Well, here in eastern Utah it's snowing today!
Yes, snowing.
And, it's always this time of year I want to pack us up and move to AZ!
One of my sons had a rose haired tarantula in my house.......( yes in a TIGHTLY CLOSED AQUARIUM)...... when he went away to college....guess who fed her......yes, I did it. BUT I firmly drew the line at snakes and rats!!!!!!! No sir-reee-bob! Lol
Enjoy your day

Makenzie said...

love the crafts. not the spider. YUCK!!!!!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Ummmm yuck!!!! I would never have stayed still long enough to take a picture of that huge ugly thing!!!

Great picture frame and idea :)