Tuesday, October 18, 2011

cake plate love....

Lately, I have been loitering on the Pinterest sight far longer than necessary.
I'm sure some might say it's unnatural and unhealthy for someone to sit and covet  admire all the pretty things on there, but I think I will take my chances with it all!
Well.......on Pinterest, I learned a valuable skill. And that skill is.....cake plate making! Yay me! :)
All you need to make your own cake plate is;
1. some sort of pedestal.
2. a plate
3. Spray paint, if desired.
4. some special glue

So, off to the thrift store I went, in search of a plate and a pedestal.

I found this candle holder for the pedestal......
And this plate........
I loved the green and black so I knew I wasn't going to paint the plate, but the candle holder definitely needed paint. Flat black to be exact.......
With a pencil, I traced around the candle holder on the bottom of the plate.
 I eyeballed the center, but a more perfectionist type might want to measure.
I  put a thin bead of silicone adhesive around my pencil mark.
Less is more when it comes to this kind of glue.....learn from my error here, folks. :)

I let it dry for a few hours and then flipped it right side up.
Easy, Peasy.
For now, this cake plate will hold Mr. Jack.
On account of I won't be baking any cakes in the near future.....on account of my unattractive mid-section girth.......on account of my emotional eating.
But a girl never knows when a cake may be needed....like for a decoration or something.
(or an emotional break down! haha!)

With the silicone adhesive, it is safe to hand wash these babies.
If you opt to spray paint the plate, put a paper doilie or other barrier between the cake and plate.

Have fun!


mylittlegems said...

that turned out very cute! I bought all the stuff at Goodwill to make one of these years ago! And guess what- I never made one :) but I am really loving yours:)

Ann said...

Jo-Anne, Very cute idea. Thanks for sharing. ~Ann

cori said...

Beautiful! You always know the exact type of spray paint to use also (matte, satin...) all of your projects always have a perfect outcome!

Andrea Hildebrandt said...

OH, I love this post! I recently talked with a bride who was making all her own for her wedding buffet. She was using all glass for hers, but I love this more! Thanks for inspiring!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Now that is really sweet! Very creative. You can put cupcakes on it, too!

Gayle said...

DARLING! And displaying your new cake plate on your penny rug is the perfect finishing touch!

Screaming Sardine said...

That looks really cute, Jo-Anne. I spend a lot of time on pinterest, too. I need to get my rear in gear and actually make some of the things I've pinned - lol!

Tracy Screaming Sardine

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Cute cute cute!!! I've been hearing about pininterst but have no idea what is. Sounds like something I could easily get adicted too though.