Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The postman brings some Christmas Cheer!

I recently joined a Christmas swap with Mary at Gettysburg Homestead. My original swap partner decided not to participate and Mary graciously agreed to be my partner, even though she already had a swap partner. I was secretly so excited because Mary makes some pretty fantastic stuff! :) As a part of the swap we had to find a Good Will bargain, re-do it, and sent it to our partner. I think this is what Mary found, buy I am not sure because it looks brand new! I have already used this wooden bowl. It is so cute!!!

We also had to send a yard of fabric to our partner and they had to make something out of it. I sent a yard of Christmas homespun. You won't believe what she made with it......

First, there was this runner. Fabulous. She painted these trees. Did I say fabulous yet?

This is a little ornament that we put on our tree. How sweet of Mary to include Craig in the swap! We were also to include a gift that we chose for our partner. This is a SUPER YUMMY smelling candle complete with a vintage label.....mmmmmm! Next, I found a homespun dishtowel (you all know my fondness for dishtowels!! ha ha!) wrapped in a bit of the homespun with a couple of candy cane ornaments tucked in..... And when I reached in and pulled THIS out, I was so happy!
Isn't it sweet?? A little Christmas dress made out of the homespun. It's completed by the muslin apron with the stitched holly berries..... Thank you again, Mary. Your creativity continues to amaze me. All of this has found a place in our home already. I love it!!!!
I hope you will like all the goodies I sent your way!
We also received a surprise package from Mark. If you will all remember, he is serving a church mission in Uganda. I found it in the mailbox as I left to go pick up Ragan at school. As much as I wanted to open it right then and there, I waited until we were all together. It was a long wait, too, because I had a church meeting that night and Makenzie had to work late so we actually didn't open it until about 9PM. OOOOooooo! It was so exciting. He sent a little coin purse with money inside of it. There were some Chiclets (seriously, do they sell that gum in EVERY country??). On one side of the package it was labeled in English and on the other, it was in an African language. (Not sure which one....apparently there are several) He sent some paintings that we will most definitely frame for him. Can you see Ragan smelling it? She was trying to see if she could smell Mark.....LOL. She couldn't, by the way. He sent the girls some beads, a bracelet and some necklaces. I just love all the Christmas mail. I hope there are things being dropped off at your house, too!


Gettysburg Homestead said...

I am glad you liked everything. I was actually going to make more of those ornies with your names but ran out of fabric. LOL. But you could also make him use it as a coaster too.

And yes that bowl was a goodwill find believe it or not.


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Your goodies from Mary are great. How sweet she made sure you had swap She really did make some awesome things.

I can only imagine how hard it was to wait to open Mark's package! I would have smelled it too!!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Jo-Ann,
What fun it must have been to open Mary's gift, I had already joined Char's so I didn't get to be in Mary's, she sure spoiled you by making all those neat things, love the little dress!
I'm glad Mark is doing so well and the girls look so happy with the beads and picture:)

familywithfivekids said...

What a fabulous post - so much Christmas cheer happening at the Carter home!

TrishAnderson said...

The mailman is very good to you!! Very cool stuff that came your way.

PS, we missed Ragan again last night!!!!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I love seeing the girls opening their gifts. Mark did a great job of finding interesting items that would travel well.
I love your swap items. Everyone has their own unique talent, don't they?
BTW- love the towels you made for MIL. and Ragan's jammies! There are some nights recently when I would have loved to have some!!!!