Thursday, December 3, 2009

It went WAY too fast!

Craig's parents came to Tucson for a visit. They got here the day before Thanksgiving and left this morning. We had SO much fun!! I think we pooped them right out, dragging them all over Tucson! We had some other things to go and do but in the end, it was nice to just visit. It was so nice to have some family here....we miss everyone so much. I hope they had as much fun as we did! So, let this be an invitation to anyone that wants to come and visit. We will make you very welcome! Last night we went to Chili's to celebrate Ragan's 16th birthday (it's on Saturday). And, as is usually the case, the camera's were out and snapping away. Here are Craig's parents..... Craig with his Dad......
Here is the other side of the table...haha! It was a fun night with good food and great company. We will miss them!
While they were here, I made some hanging dish towels for Craig's mom. I made some for her a couple years ago and I asked if she wanted some more. She says she loves them, but I think this is over kill.....
Don't ya think?!?!
Fun, fun, fun!
I hope everyone is enjoying the season and all the joy it brings!


Jalene said...

Oh cute!! Will you teach me how to make cute stuff like that?? And I might come visit you. It's freeeezzzing here!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It's so nice to have family visit, isn't it? I love your dishtowels. I've always wished I could crochet, just so I could make the hanging dishtowels, but these look like they're sewn instead. Now I might be able to do that. They are so cute.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

How wonderful that Craig's parents came for a visit. I was trying to look for the resemblance between Craig and his Dad in that one pic.

I am going to try to make some of those dishtowels for Christmas after I get someone's swap in the mail. I'm hoping it'll go out tomorrow.


TrishAnderson said...

It was nice to get to meet them, even for a short moment. Glad you got to have family come here to be with you! I love the dish towel. I have mine that you made for me lat year hanging up. Love it!!!