Friday, November 6, 2009

I can't believe that November is already in full swing!!! I still have my hands in the Halloween candy! I dug out some of my fall decorations today and had forgotten about this quilt I made a few years ago. It's been folded over the banister in years past, but with my new pegboard that Craig made me, I can finally hang it up. (I didn't realize all of it's uneven bits until it was hung....{{sigh}}....)

It's a Memes Quilt pattern. I have always enjoyed these patterns because they are simple and fast to finish.

Anyway--I have been given an opportunity to be grateful about a few things lately and need to share.... Last Thursday, a woman ran a stop sign and Craig t-boned her with our suburban. She had no drivers license nor insurance. She was cited for causing the accident, not having the proper insurance and license, and her car was impounded.
There is a very high probability that she is here in the US illegally and will more than likely go back to Mexico and not even pay any of the fines.
To make matters worse, we had just switched the insurance on our suburban to liability (at the suggestion of our insurance company), and it was totalled. We just bought a car about 2 months ago and cannot afford another payment. So, basically, we are just out a car.
We have really struggled with the unfairness of the situation, especially because we can do absolutely nothing to change these facts.
However, I am so grateful that no one was hurt. Especially Craig.
I am grateful for friends that let us play with their baby while she takes her other two boys trick or treating. We slurped some big 'ol kisses off of Dallin's chubby cheeks! I am grateful that these two beautiful girls are mine....forever.
I am so grateful that my missionary is almost at the one year mark!
I am grateful that my son Cameron calls me almost every day while he is on his lunch break. He doesn't know how much we miss him!
Take care, be grateful....and go hug somebody!


Emmy-Sue said...

Oh, I'm sending hugs my friend! And I'm so glad Craig is safe... that's all that matters!
Have a great weekend, Kimberly

Kimberly said...

Sorry Jo-Anne - it's me! I didn't realize Emily was logged in to blogger!
Oh, and I LOVE your quiltie! It's perfect for fall and Thanksgiving!

sharla@mylittlegems said...

Love to read what you are thankful inspires me. Email me the photos of all the cute kids that happen to be mine ;) the one of Landon is really cute too-- I need it. Love your turkey quilt too.

Ann said...

JoAnne, Glad that your DH is okay. The thing that bothers me is that we are responsible, carry insurance & register our cars. Then we are the ones that pay yet again when someone with nothing causes damage. I was hit by an uninsured/illegal immigrant as well, we never got a penny out of him. His option was jail, which he took. Of course so that our taxes can feed him and take care of him while he's locked up! ARGH! Thankfully no one was hurt, that's whats really important. ~Ann

TrishAnderson said...

I don't see any uneven parts to that quilt. I simply see spectacular!! So sorry to hear about Craig's accident. I am glad to hear that he is doing well inspite of everything. I pray that things will work out the way they need to!!