Monday, November 16, 2009

Done, done and done.

Since being without the suburban, I have been spending a lot of time at home. It's a total bummer to be sort of home bound, but the good thing is I have been able to cross a few projects off my list. Besides our faithful dogs, my little sewing machine has been a constant companion these past few weeks. ;) When we were in Utah this past summer, we went on a camping trip. There is a little quilt shop in Mountain View Wyoming that my sisters-in law, my girls and I always make a trip to. It's called the Valley Fabric Shop. They had this cute little pattern and charm pack there so I bought it right up. It was very easy and quick to sew up. Now that it's done, I want to get the rest of the Christmas decorations out! But, alas, I will wait until the turkey gobbles....but then it is all coming out! I tried my hand at one of these baby tag blankets. Apparently, babies love to pull and play with the little tags around the edges. I wouldn't know since nothing of the sort was available when my kiddos were babies....(that could explain many things!! haha!) This has 5" squares so it's not huge. Since there is never a shortage of babies being born in our church family these days, I thought they might be fun for some shower gifts.
These are some Christmas gifts for my girls. I can't say what they are since there will undoubtedly be some blog snooping going on here. Ragan just informed me, and I quote, "The funnest part of Christmas is the snooping!" What a cheeky little thing!! Santa just might quit coming after that comment! :):):)
I have also been making some of these for some little gifts. They are crayon cozies. I just think they are so adorable and can be made for colored pencils, markers and many other things.
They roll right up into a convenient little bundle. So easy to toss into your bag to take with you to church, the doctors office, or in the car.
I still have so many other projects to finish. You should see my sewing's the biggest mess you have ever layed eyes on!
Happy sewing!


Allen, Alexx and Sylvie said...

JoAnne - YOur stuff is so freaking cute! Oh to be creative!!

Kimberly said...

you go girl!

I want it all...

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

HI Jo-Anne. It seems it is a small world all the way around! We go to Ft Bridger every Sep and spend a week there at Rendezvous, and a part of our trip is always, a trip or two, to Benedict's Market in Mt View! I have seen the quilt store that you talked about, and always wondered what treasures it had inside!

I love you quilt!
Enjoy your day.

Cariann said...

Jo-Anne can I come hang out with you and learn how to do all these fun things? I have missed so much having my mom around and am totally jealous of Ragan.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Your projects are so cute. I don't remember blankets like that when my kids were little either, but it seems like a good idea. I like staying home most of the time, I get more done that way.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love the snowman quilt Jo-Anne and the crayon roll up is such a great idea!

Michelle Payne said...

Hi Joanne, I just found your blog. Love it, we have a few things in common, I'm LDS nd I love to quilt too. In fact, I made four of the same snowman quilts like you made for Christmas gifts. Your's turned out so cute.