Friday, June 12, 2009

Something new...

While I have been convalescing here at home, I have been trying to find projects to occupy my time. I can barely stand all the sitting around that I find myself doing but whenever I do too much, I really pay for it the next day. Needless to say, I am bored, bored, bored. Before my surgery, I was going through all my fabric and getting rid of things that I have literally been hauling around for 20 years. I found lots of scraps that I turned into this little rag rug.
Yep, those are my bare toes that accidentally made it into this picture. But, speaking of toes, these rag rugs are so soft and cushy. This one is going in front of the sink in the kitchen.
I am dying to get out of the house and do a thrift store run. But since I am not allowed to drive (BIG bummer!) I have to ask my dear daughter to take me. We have been quite the pair.....she rolled her ankle playing volleyball and couldn't walk for a few days, let alone drive. And with Craig gone to the National Track meet in Arkansas, poor Ragan was our little nursemaid. A Florence Nightingale, she is not. haha!
I have really enjoyed all the comments and well wishes that have been sent my way. I really have some great blogging friends. I have tried to acknowledge all of them but I know I have missed a few. (those dreaded pain pills mess with my mind!) If you are one of the few, please don't take offense. I appreciate ALL of them and especially your stopping by!
Take Care!


TrishAnderson said...

Glad to hear that you at least have somthing to occupy your time. Having your toes in the picture helps us get an idea of how big it is. Honestly I was thinking that it was like a crocheted washed clothe or something (until I read the post) and saw your toe!

Speaking of Ragan - we missed her at YW last night. We stopped by, but there was no answer. Please tell her we said hello!!!

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Jo-anne,

Great rug - did you crochet it?
I hope you are back to your old but improved self very soon.

hugs, Linda

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love the rug and hope you are feeling better!

Amanda said...

What a lovely rug, it looks really cosy. I've always fancied making a rag rug but have no idea how to start. Perhaps you could write a tutorial while you've got some time on your hands? (Please don't feel that you need to reply to this comment, I won't be at all offended)

Julie said...

Hi Jo-Anne---love that rug--did you crochet it with a big hook? How wide were your strips of fabric? It is great. I made one once that was supposed to be a circle and ended up looking like an egg--I gave it to the DI. I think I really need to know how you did yours :)!! Hope you are better soon so can so what you like and drive---BUMMER!! Take care---Julie

Anonymous said...

Love the rag rug! I can't ever get mine to turn out right.

Mercy Ottis/The Stone House said...

Are you back to driving yet? THAT would be a hard pill to swollow! lol. Hope you are feeling better these days. When it's all behind you, you will feel so good! Chin Up!

Your "little" rag rug is fair sized.....(glad for your toes)
So, did you sew your fab together? or just tie it? ♥