Tuesday, November 11, 2008

May we always remember.....

Today during preschool we discussed Veterans Day. This is Spencer. He has a few big brothers that are involved in the Boy Scout program. His favorite job is to be the flag holder. Spencer has all the other students salute the flag while we say the pledge. We talked about why we celebrate Veterans Day. We talked about all the men and women who have fought in a war to defend our country and preserve our freedoms.
As a reminder of all those men and women, we made flags during art time. (I realize they are not made with the correct amount of stripes and stars.....trying to get a preschooler to peel and stick 50 stars in a momentous task)
At times like this, I feel very patriotic. My dad was a pilot in the USAF. He served two tours of duty in Vietnam. He was a B-52 pilot. He doesn't talk much about his experiences, unless of course we ask him. Then, he answers our questions completely and honestly. He always has said how difficult it was to leave his family, but that all the soldiers loved their country as well, and felt the need to protect it.
I also have a brother-in-law that was in the USAF. He served two tours....one during Desert Storm and then another a few years later.
We are so lucky their lives were spared. My heart goes out to the families whose soldiers didn't make it back safely.
I am so grateful for those who have fought for rights and our freedoms.


Kath said...

What a GREAT post!
Spencer holds a very important job, good for him. (what a cutie he is)
...I LOVE THE FLAGS the kids made :)

Thank you to your family members for their service!


Julie said...

Thanks for teaching the young ones to be patriotic and appreciative of those who are sacrificing so much for each of us. Big HIGH five!!! hope you're having a great day. Julie

Linda said...

Aww Spencer is a cutie pie! I miss the kiddo's.

Love the flags. It is nice to let the preschoolers use their creativity and make the flag their own way. They are still great!!

Kindra said...

I love the preschool art project! They are always my favorite to get in the bookbag. :)

My grandpa was a veteran and it was very hard for him to talk about his experiences. Especially his POW ones. We as a country are so fortunate to have these men and woman fight for our freedom.

This Country Girl said...

First of all, Spencer is a cutie! He makes a great flag holder too!

I love the little flags that the kids made! I think it's wonderful that you do these things with them!

And like you, I am very thankful for our men and women that serve our country to secure our freedoms!


Kim said...

I love, love, LOVE, this picture! It's a great visual reminder of the freedoms we are so blessed to have.

I loved the flags too, so creative!