Saturday, October 18, 2008

What do you do?

This post is dedicated to those who are or have been affected by this down turn in the economy. I don't know about you but I am very troubled. Our government has gotten us into a world of hurt. As a matter of fact, our church leaders have been counseling us for years to avoid unnecessary debt, save some money for a rainy day and work on obtaining a 2 year supply of food. I can see the need for that advice now. I am certainly not a "dooms-dayer", but lets just keep it real..... it's a rainy day. Food costs are rising. People are losing their jobs. People are losing their homes. It is sad. So sad. We bought our home just a little over one year ago. It has already DEprecciated $50 thousand dollars. If we had to sell tomorrow, we simply couldn't. At least we have a reasonable payment and a decent loan. We are, however, facing some hefty monthly charges in the near future because of Craig's dental work and Mark's mission. Money will be tight---and when I say tight, I mean puckered up good, tight and squeaky! :) At a time in our world when things seem to crumbling around us, I want to become empowered. I refuse to sit back and let things fall where they may. I want to brain storm with you about what sort of things YOU are doing to no longer be a victim of this wretched economic situation. Here are some things I have been thinking about; 1. working more consciously of my food storage. I have a good amount, but since moving to AZ, I have been a little lax. 2. be more aware of our usage of water and electricity. I am one to crank up the a/c and take big hot bubble baths....I will be a little more conscientious. 3. I will be more aware of my grocery budget. I use coupons and shop the sales but I know I can still do better. 4. I will try to condense my driving by being more organized while running errands. (thank goodness the price of gas is at long last going down...) 5. make snacks for the kids instead of buying them. I used to be much better at this and got kind of lazy about it. 6. use my stash....all of it.... before buying more. 7. be okay with the fact that everyone is getting a homemade Christmas gift from us this year. I always worry that the recipients will think it's lame to get a home made gift....but, I think my check book and I are over it. 8. Seriously consider cancelling our one really watches it until night time anyway. 9. Adopt the old pioneer adage; "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." 10. repair (if possible) instead of buying another. Our cars recently had some problems....after much pondering, we decided to repair them instead of buying new ones. Also, our washing machine was acting like it might go. I had a moment of excitement thinking I was going to go get one of those new-fangled front loading ones. However, we decided to fix the old one. I am so glad now. Tell me your plans for cutting back. Let's work together on taking control of our lives in this out of control world we live in! **I still think this is a wonderful world full of opportunity and blessings. I try to see the Lord's hand in everything. And, not to get all religious, but I can't help but think that the Lord might be sending us a little reminder about not forgetting him. People want Him out of the schools, out of the government, and off of our money. I hope we can all take a minute to remember where our blessings come from...and then be thankful.


This Country Girl said...

I think your last paragraph said it all, Jo-Anne. We've slowly pushed God out of America and that's what our great nation was founded on....things will look up when we realize that and bring him back. I'm afraid we'll probably have to go through trials in America before it's realized though. Sorry I got all "religious" too! :) But it's true! 2 Chronicles 7:14 is a scripture for America.

We're cutting in alot of the same ways you mentioned. We gave up our satellite dish over a year ago, but your ways are similiar to what we're trying to do too. Alot less eating out is what I see for us too. We're bad to grab a bite on the way to here or there, but I think we'll just be waiting until we get home!

Have a great Saturday! :)

andersonadventures said...

I completely agree with your list of "cut-backs". I read a talk Boyd K Packer gave to his home ward on Sunday - he said it is a rainy day now. Proctect our children and also listed several of the things you listed here!!

Linda said...

I listed a few of the same things in my post yesterday. Because we have always lived below our means, right now we aren't strapped paycheck to paycheck - but that ASSUMES DH keeps his job. Not that we are worried about it going away, but let's face it, NO ONE is safe in the aspect anymore. And I know I am going to need to help our folks and probably our daughter this winter with heating bills so we too are doing many of those things you said. Lots of gals commented on my post and we aren't alone in this thinking. Thankfully, we bloggers can use each other as resources and to get other ideas on how to cut back.

Your last few sentences say it all my friend!!

Amanda said...

It's really strange here in the UK at the moment. There's so much gloom and doom in the media, and I know that there are some people who are being badly affected, those working for small businesses or who own small businesses are really struggling. But for many people there's no day-to-day difference. Yes, our savings have taken a huge knock, but we don't need them yet and by the time we do they might have recovered. Yes, food and fuel prices have risen, but that's happened gradually over the last year or so. I've always been frugally minded, but I'm trying to use up food from my cupboard and freezer before buying more; I try to combine jobs and use the car less; but there's not much more I need to do as our income is still the same. Weird times.

Kimberly said...

Great words Jo-Anne!

Some very good friends of ours had a little sign that said the best thing in the world... "Where God guides, He privides" and it's so true!

Have a great day! ...I'm showing off my runner to EVERYone!

Hugs, Kimberly

Hannah said...

I found your blog when I was googling food storage and yours came up since you mentioned it in your post.

If you ever need any food storage tips, or recipes using only food storage food, feel free to check out our blog! We have lots of information that I'm sure can help you out!

Good luck!
Hannah @

familywithfivekids said...

Great thoughts Jo-Anne. We are getting rid of our cable, not buying all the things that are coming home through the schools. I'm definately being more conscious of using up craft supplies before buying more and I even switched to a closer dentist so it is not so much of a drive.

lindanuts said...

I agree, JoAnne. We all need to do as much as we can to save what we have. Make do with what we have. This is the land of plenty and we have all taken it for granted. We don't deserve anything. We must earn it; prove we are worthy.

Kindra said...

I've been coming back and reading everyones ideas on saving $. We discontinued our satellite dish, 2 weeks left on it. We don't watch it that much and when we do it seems like just junk is on. I've been trying to use just the craft items I have before buying some. I tend to buy more than I have sometimes. We are on a strict budget since I stay home anyways...we are just more strict now. Just scary to think that people can lose their jobs overnight...and that's what concerns us. :(

Needle and Thread said...

I also agree with everything you said!
We have to go back and use our stash to make quilts and gifts.
Thank you for all the great tips.

QuiltedSimple said...

Great post! We are conscientiously working at economizing - I haven't been to the grocery store for 3 weeks except for milk and butter, and expect I don't have to go for another 2. I've been making all my snacks (cookies, brownies, etc) and find the kids are eating better dinners because they aren't filling up on all that junk. I especially love your last paragraph - there is a message in all this from up above, if we just stop to think a little. And we are doing a totally homemade christmas this year - the kids are getting 1 big store brought toy and that is IT - the rest will be made by us with love - and what more could they want, really?

lera said...

When I think of "cutting back," I usually think, "what can I cut out?" We don't go to the movies. We don't eat our regularly. We don't do a lot of activities that cost money (it's too expensive for a family of eight). I'm sure there's still something I could cut back ... (thrifting????)

I shop mainly at our wholesale club. I shop at Walmart, but ours isn't a Super one. I try to consolidate all of my trips to town into one, but with church and preschool and other activities, it's hard. I still try though.

Thankfully, my husband's job is secure. He has three years until he can retire from the Army. We save our tax refunds. I have a Christmas Club account at the bank where I save all year for Christmas. And when that money's gone, it's gone. And we do not use credit!

I think all of these things are things I learned in an LDS household. There were eight children and my father worked three jobs at one point. I am a stickler for making sure my boys turn off the lights when they leave the room and turn off the faucet while brusing teeth. That's how we were raised.

Felicia said...

Thanks Joanne, I needed this today. I am in despair after looking at our checking account, and realizing what still needs to clear, and knowing how much the D&C I just had is going to cost.

We cut our cable a few months back...haven't missed it. We got a digital antenna, and we can get all the local channels and they come in crystal clear.

We do have food storage, but the debt is another issue....Ten years of school loans has us "puckered" for the next twenty!

I am hoping to figure out how to feel empowered, and praying that my kids will like the taste of powdered milk...'cause that's what we're having this week.

Jackie said...

I think you've come up with a very admirable list. In fact I wish more of us would incororate those kinds of things into our daily living. It just seems like we are a pretty wasteful society. I think in hard times people tend to work together, and lend a hand more often - so maybe that will be the blessings in all of this.