Saturday, September 20, 2008

For ME??

Far too long ago, (and I am ashamed at how long it took for me to blog about it) my sweet blogging friend, Nicole at Our Cozy Nest, awarded me with this very generous award. Not only is Nicole my friend in the blog world, but we found out that we actually KNOW each other. Come to find out, she lived right up the street from me when she was a little girl and I babysat her a few times. She was about 4 and I was about 14. What a coincidence it was that we found each other after all these years!!! It has been fun catching up!

It is my pleasure to nominate 5 blogs for this award. Please be sure to go check out these blogs!

1. Amanda @AmandasMusings. Amanda had my name in a bag swap and she sent me the most wonderful bag. She does amazing hand work and am proud to be the new owner of some of her work!

2. Julie @ Country Girl at Heart. Julie is such a sweet gal! She is always reminding us to "be nice to people" She has a fun blog with loads of fun creations that she shows us. Make sure you see her window valences.

3.Leslie @ My Country Home. Leslie is always on the go.....She is definitely a mover and a shaker at her house. She always has something in the works whether it's a kitchen remodel or a craft! :)

4.Gail @ House of Payne. Gail is my sweet friend from Orem. She was my first friend after moving there (and a wonderful and committed visiting teacher). I miss her and her darling children like nobodies business! We even share the same birthday.

5.Mary @ GettysburgHomestead. Mary has the funnest blog FULL of prim crafts and ideas. She has been so generous in giving me awards and I am happy to return the gesture!

I hope you all have fun getting to know these wonderful ladies. I know I have!!! :):):)


LINDA said...

Awwww---I wish I had a gold card. You deserve i, sweetie. Your shop is awesome and your blog is always positive and uplifting!

Amanda said...

Jo-Anne, thank you so much for the award, it's really very kind of you. Have you got any news about the ornament swap yet?

Linda said...

What fun finding that you knew each other. Blogging really does shrink the world doesn't it? Have a great Sunday!

Gail said...

Thanks for the shout out. I have tears in my eyes. My kids still say "there is sister carter's house". I have to remind them that someone else lives there now and they can't ring the doorbell and run away. hee hee I think of you and your family often and hope that one day our paths will cross again.

aaronandsharla said...

can I buy your little pumpkin trio? I love it and the boo blocks too and the spooky blocks- wanna make some but ....want to buy little pumpkins if possible. :)

mkam said...

I like the link you added!

Jackie said...

How wild is that? You all have reconnected so many years later, and through blogging. It's a funny, crazy, endearing world isn't it?

Julie said...

How Funny!! You gave me an award, and I gave you an award--come see. Thanks a bunch Jo-Anne---Julie

Sindy said... took me 20 minutes to figure out how the hell to comment on this thing! I am sure you are impressed! Deanna was right! :)You are so cute! I want everything you sell. I love you!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Oh Jo-Ann I knew someone else had given me an award. I am so sorry I didn't post it. I will get to it tomorrow. I apologize. I just feel so out of sorts still. Thanks for reminding me.


Kris said...

Hi Jo-Anne!

Thank you so much for the bag. It just arrived. There was much excitement and we ALL love what you sent. Send me an email so we can have a chat!