Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Your input is needed....

Hello blogger friends! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday. Today I would like to ask your advice. I have been thinking about opening up an Etsy shop for quite some time. I have done the craft fairs & booths and even sold some things on Ebay. However, I am new to the whole Etsy experience and would like some input from all of you. I want to hear all about your experiences....the good, the bad and the ugly. I want the positive and the negative. I want to know if you have bought something or sold something. I want to know about how your item was sent to you or how you send items. I really want to make an informed decision here, so don't be shy with your comments, people!! :) And for the time you have spent here leaving a comment, I will be offering you a reward. Tune in tomorrow for all the details. (ooooh...the suspense!) Remember this??? Well, here is the finished product. It's a reversible apron! disclaimer** Ragan is a very unwilling model. This is a picture of Ragan after her 2nd day of high school! I was trying my hand at covert picture taking. She spotted me, though!


Sara Adams said...

Hi Jo-Anne,
I really don't know very much about the ins and outs of Etsy. I do know that the payment method is similar to Ebay, and I have sold something off of that. They have a service called Paypal. I think its the best way, just because you attached it to your bank account, and then the buyer has to have a Paypal account as well (I think most people would). So when someone purchased something the money would go directly from their account to yours and you don't have to worry about watching for a check or cash.

Jackie said...

I've only had experience as a buyer, and it has all been positive! How exciting! You might also look into The Big Cartel. They are also a venue for selling items. I think Shim and Sons and Soulemama both sell from there.

Primgal55 - Linda said...

Go for it! I love Etsy - I have bought several things and I think it is easier than EBay. I like that I am linked to Paypal, then an invoice is sent to me, I look over and then say YUP - pay that person.

What are you thinking of selling? I'd buy prim looking quilts in a minute - even little ones.

I'll be watching to see what you decide! Good luck!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Sorry Jo-ann I have never bought or sold anything on Etsy.

Love the apron!

It is so weird to me to see a cactus we don't have them obviously. LOL


Nicole said...

Sorry, no help in this area, I haven't sold or bought anything on Etsy. I would like to try selling some cards although there are a lot of people who do that. I love the apron, the fabric is so cute. So did you live in Logan when you new Felicia? Me and my husband used to live there also.

familywithfivekids said...

All I can say is "Go for It!" WOW! I would so love it if you chose to persue that.
I have not bought or sold anything but I love to look zt etsy and would love to become an experienced buyer by purchasing your fun things! :)
Ragan looks so cute at the school!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Sorry, i am no help either, I have only bought a few patterns, but the experience was great!
I have been thinking of selling there too! So I will be back to see what everyone says.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

This Country Girl said...

Well the Etsy thing is all new to me, Jo-Anne, so we'll see. Kindra answered alot of questions for me. I'll know more as time goes on...but I think you should give it a try!

I love the apron!


Erin said...

Like I told you yesterday on the phone...I think it would be a great idea. You know that I know how much of a "create" monster you have inside of you...I totally understand as he lives at my house too! So - give it a try. It can't hurt and it should prove to be a lot of fun and then you can get rid of any excess stuff you make in bulk! Give it a try! I'm behind you a million percent!

QuiltedSimple said...

Hi there. I've sold things both ways - ebay and Etsy and Etsy is nice as the fees are cheaper, the stuff stays listed for a while - I've gotten out of it over the summer, but hope to get back to it next winter. I've just brought my first stuff off of Etsy - so we shall see. I package the same way I sell my Ebay stuff.

Lauriej said...

My friend has started a business on etsy and LOVES it. Her name is cynthina and you can link to her blog from mine.

Ragan is a beautiful, if unwilling, model :-)