Monday, July 14, 2008

My pincushion arrived!!

Awhile back I joined a pincushion swap organized by Linda at All Stitched Up. On Saturday evening, I received some happy mail! It was from Nadine all the way in Belgium! (I also received a package from Kim that I will blog about soon!) I was so excited that I could hardly wait to get inside before ripping open my packages! This is what I found! She stitched everything by hand....can you believe it?? I am so impressed! I love the colors! Just have a look at this needle bag! Isn't it beautiful?? This is going in my stitching bag right away! Thank you so much, Nadine. I cannot be more pleased with my new pincushion and needle bag. :):):) Sometimes I would click on some of the participants links on Linda's blog and try to guess who was making a pincushion for me! Nadine was listed just below my swap partner, May Kristin from Norway. I always visited her, but she didn't know it! I am glad she made's perfect!


May Kristin said...

You got some great sewing stuff from Nadine! Just like I did from you! Enjoy!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

That is so pretty! I love the color choice. And hand sewn to boot. Gorgeous!


Nadine said...

You're welcome, dear ! I'm so glad you like them. Isn't swapping fantastic indeed : fun mail, new friends - sometimes over the big pond :) - all of them so nice and quilt lovers !
I wish you much pleasure while using them, and of course I'll come often for a visit - the secret is unveiled now ! LOL

Heartfully, with a friendly ((HUG)) and smiles :)


Linda said...

Such a lovely parcel, Nadine does some of the most beautiful handwork. So glad you enjoyed the swap and also glad you couldn't work out who your partner

This Country Girl said...

Congratulations, Jo-Anne on your win! It's exciting waiting on the mail and then when it finally comes...what fun!

Have a great week!

Nicole said...

So cute. Found your blog through gettysburg homestead. It's so cute. What a cute family you have!

Julie said...

That is so cute--and all the way from Belgium--how fun!! It sounds like you needed something special. Have a great day. Julie

Primgal55 - Linda said...

What a pretty set - I love the pincushion style! It looks so like you Jo-Anne! Aren't swaps fun?

Stop on over to my blog - I have exciting news I just have to share!

hugs, Linda

QuiltedSimple said...

What a lovely pincushion - I'll be back to visit more!