Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cameron is here!

We are so happy to have Cameron here! We picked him up at the airport Monday evening. Craig and I decided to surprise Mark and Makenzie with his arrival. Ragan was in on it because she was in the car when Cam called to tell us he was coming. We had this elaborate story all cooked up about us going to the airport to pick up one of Craig's recruits. We told them that we were bringing "her" back to the house for dinner. We all scurried about picking up, making dinner, etc. We even had Makenzie's boyfriend using some stalling techniques as they had plans that night. I was so excited about Cam coming here, I posted it on my blog. And, wouldn't you know it, while we were gone picking up the "recruit", Makenzie decides to read my blog. I RUINED my own surprise!!! Oh well....They were still surprised and we are having so much fun with him here. I have a feeling that I will have a hard time letting him go back to Utah on Friday!


Anonymous said...

That still sounds like a good time! I wish I could use the 'recruit' thing on my kids to get them to scurry and clean up the house :-)

PS I want to see a picture of Mac and the boyfriend ;-)

Claudia said...

Oh no...too bad for the surprise but it's a really funny story! I'm sure that you will have a good time :)

Andrea said...

Yeah, trying to keep a secret and keeping a blog really is tricky. Too funny!